How To Take Advantage Of Holidays For Your Corporate Philanthropy Campaign

on Nov 20, 2016

Corporate philanthropy is a huge part of the world today and you need to take advantage of it to grow your startup quickly. The chances are you already have some form of corporate philanthropy campaign up and running.  The problem is that you need to give it a shot in the arm. You need to support philanthropy as a priority.

Making your corporate philanthropy campaigns revolve around the holidays is a great way to do this. In this guide, you are going to learn how to take advantage of the holidays.

Every Holiday is Relevant

You may be wondering how celebrating father’s day is relevant to what your company does. But the truth is that there are over 70.1 million fathers in the US, at the last count. And you can link your campaign with this group in some way. You just have to get creative.

Don’t just think about the holiday itself. It’s easy to focus on the people at the heart of the holiday and conclude that you have nothing for them. Look further afield and think about the people buying gifts for that core group on father’s day. Suddenly, you realize that your target audience is much bigger than you expected and now your company has relevance.

You can do this with absolutely every day. In fact, a lot of companies are putting up calendars so their campaigns can rotate around these days.

Brand Differently

Whenever the NFL supports the fight for the cure for breast cancer, the whole league turns pink for the weekend. This is reflected in the organization’s whole branding. For this short period of time, the main website goes pink. The players and the coaches all try to incorporate a pink item into their apparel.

There’s nothing wrong with temporarily disrupting your branding in this way. It’s designed to draw people’s attention and demonstrate how serious you are about supporting this charity or that charity during the holidays.

Do You Have to Switch Your Charity?

It’s easy to think that at Christmas you have to change your charity to something that better reflects the needs of the holiday season. You don’t, though. There’s nothing wrong with simply using the same charity you always have. Doing a good deed is not something that’s exclusive to this holiday or that holiday. Through getting creative, you can easily make your charity relevant.

If anything, you shouldn’t keep switching charities because this is only going to dilute your overall philanthropic efforts. It’s best to stick with the same charity so you can continue to strengthen that partnership.

Managing Social Media

As with any short-term marketing campaign, social media is the key to reaching your target audience, with 11% of digital marketing outlay being spent on social media this coming year. Your social media schedule should be filled with content unique to that holiday. Spend money on a designer to create unique visual content and shoot videos unique to the time of year.

People are going to notice if you try to cheap out by managing social media using the same content as you post up all throughout the year.

The goal is to make this a big deal. You have to let your natural passion and enthusiasm show through if you’re really going to grab people’s attention.

The Holiday is Not Over

After the big day or big weekend has come to an end, you shouldn’t discard your efforts. On the contrary, you should continue to bring up that holiday. Many companies will end their campaigns a day or two after the end of the holiday in an attempt to pull in any stragglers.

But the key to encouraging people to continue to donate going forward is to let people know what their efforts have achieved. Soon after the holiday, you should publicize your results. Detail exactly how much you’ve raised AND what that money will accomplish.

People like to feel as if they are a part of something bigger than them. That’s why you have to go further than simply writing about how much money you’ve raised.

Last Word – Don’t Overdo It

There are so many awareness days and holidays to celebrate throughout the year. It’s easy to get carried away with it. If you start philanthropic campaigns too often, your target audience is going to become fatigued and your donations will steadily drop.

If your campaigns seem to raise less and less every time, it’s time to take a break and reevaluate your strategy.

What are your top tips for raising money for charity?

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