5 Ways To Communicate Your Company’s Philanthropic Efforts

on Nov 20, 2016

You likely already know that corporate philanthropy is a big issue these days. 52% of philanthropists said impact investing, which still provides returns for the business is something to watch in 2016.

It’s becoming more and more common to give back in order to grow your business. The harsh reality many entrepreneurs discover is that you have to market it. It’s no use giving to a major cause only to not talk about it.

You have to communicate your company’s philanthropic efforts, and this guide is going to show you how to do it.

Empower Your Employees

There’s only so much influence your company voice has. You can write as many blog posts as you like, but it’s only going to do so much. You need to get a buzz going within the company and outside the company. The way you do this is by enlisting the help of your employees.

Your employees are your most important asset for spreading the word about something. Get them excited about philanthropy by educating them on what philanthropy can do for them. At the same time, you should identify the employees who are the most passionate about volunteering and giving.

By spotting philanthropic ambassadors for your company, you can pick them out and use them to fly the flag for your philanthropic efforts. It’s the easiest way to use philanthropy in a marketing mix.

Begin Talking About Philanthropy

To make philanthropy a major marketing tool, you have to create a philanthropy mix that engulfs your company. It has to become part of your business model. Your customers aren’t stupid. They know when your heart isn’t really in something.

The first step is to create a philanthropy section on your website. It may also come in the guise of a corporate social responsibility section. On this page, you will detail your commitment to helping others and some of the things you have done in the past.

New stories that involve philanthropy should be promoted on your blog and social media feeds. Make it a regular part of your content cycles.


Many companies decide that the best way to get things done is to work with another charity directly. This can allow them to handle most of the work while you provide expertise and funding. To make the most of a partnership, make mention of the charity and promote them.

A great way to do this is to invest in co-branding. Any materials you release should bear both the charity’s logo and your logo. You can do this with practically everything from reusable bags to USB sticks.

Discovering the Story

Storytelling is one of the keystones of successful content marketing. Despite the fact you wish to use philanthropy as part of your marketing materials, this is still a type of content. Every time you talk about something you have done, it’s a type of content designed to get your target audience to act

You must discover the story behind your charitable efforts if you’re going to get people interesting. It’s why corporations are increasingly moving away from cutting a check and moving on. They realize that this doesn’t get people to read or find out more, and is, therefore, pointless when it comes to marketing their businesses.

So how do you go about making a story?

You can do it even by just giving money to someone. The key is not to focus on what you did but on the consequences of your actions. Explain how significant the donation was and what it did for that person or organization. You may even want to craft a case study that rams this point home.

It’s a superior way of promoting philanthropy because ordinary people are easier to identify with. Furthermore, it avoids making you look like you are bragging about what you did.

The Right Charity is Everything

The only way your efforts are going to resonate with your target audience is if you are working with the right charity. It’s no good choosing any old charity and donating to them. The charity needs to be relevant to your company. It has to relate to your products and services in some way.

This is how you are going to get people to find out more about what you did in the first place.

Last Word – Charity Can Pay Dividends

When executed correctly, charity can pay dividends for your company. By communicating your philanthropic efforts in the most optimal way, you are going to interest your target audience, demonstrate that you are giving back, and providing yourself with more content to use in your promotion efforts.

How will you use charity within your company?

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