1Face Watch Functionality and Design

on Mar 01, 2017

The Beginning

A product and branding firm in Chicago called Mirza Minds started an Indiegogo project to bring to you the 1:Face Watch with a goal of empowering the will of the consumer to change lives 1 face at a time and so much more. The watch was designed by our founder and creative director Fam Mirza. The crowdfunding campaign started off with a goal of raising $25,000 and surpassed peoples expectations by raising $357,103 with 6,177 backers in less than 60 days. Few years later the 1:Face Watch bridged the gap—ultimately made the world a better place.

"Change originates from within. That is why the face of the watch is designed as a mirror. When you check the time, you see your reflection looking back within you." -Fam Mirza 

1:Face vision started a movement, bringing change to a world that so desperately needs it. While many of us live comfortable lives, almost half the world survives on less than $2 a day, in a world where people are facing real problems—poverty, cancer, aids, lack of shelter, lack of education, and lack of water. Each and everyone of us makes a difference. We are in this world together.


How do the watches work? What functions do they provide?

The watch has a minimalist design, both visually, aesthetically, and functionally. The fundamental purpose of the 1:Face watch is to display the time with its large white intensity LED lights. That is what the 1:Face watch does with 4 parallel buttons and is set in a high grade silicone band. At the press of a second button, the display shows the date. The mirror face of the watch is a reminder that you are the change, in a simplistic design that fits your outfit, style, or culture. Everything is symmetrical and has a smooth composition. The battery lasts for about 2 years and of course the watch is waterproof. Setting and modifying the time and date is a 1 step easy process as pressing one button to enter "EDIT" mode and another button to change the selected value. Full instructions are included when the product is shipped. 

The Universal Touchscreen watch!

The universal watch is a touchscreen version of the 1:Face watch that fulfills all the metrics. That means you are supporting every cause! The watch has no buttons, instead displaying the time when you touch the mirrored face. The alloy metal frame is the same material used in the iPhone frame.

1:Face Watch Review by Thuy Mi



The above metrics will set concrete benchmarks, which will be shown to consumers once they are accomplished. On 1: Face’s social media, you will see people getting fed, animals finding a home, cancer survivors, consumers who supported a cause while wearing a watch to match their signature style, wells being built, AIDS being fought, youths receiving an education, and research being done. The public will see the change their money is creating. 

Look Good. Feel Good. 1:Face watch is a fashion product with fashion value, creating a change in the world while looking good and feeling good. 

Photo by Brittany Mason

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